Family Chiropractic Care

Did you know that the benefits of Chiropractic care can be experienced by the entire family? Many people utilize Chiropractic for things like: low back pain, sciatica, headaches, disc bulges, neck pain, and overall stiffness. The benefits of Chiropractic go well beyond that and can extend to the entire family, whether young or old! At Health From Within Orland Park we specialize in Chiropractic care that can help your children grow up healthy, help you manage your stress, and help you and your loved ones age gracefully!

What to expect at HFW!

When you and your family step into Health From Within Orland Park, you can expect to be greeted with a big smile! You will first have one-on-one time with the doctor to discuss you or your child’s current health and the goals you have in your life. The goal of the consultation is to leave no stone unturned as to what may be the root cause of your health concerns. From there the doctor will do a hands-on examination of the neurospinal system to further uncover any areas of interference to proper function (a.k.a. “subluxation”). Depending on what is revealed in the history and exam, the doctor may order X-Rays or further testing to dive deeper and find the cause of you or your child’s condition. These findings will all be taken into account to then create a customized care plan tailored to what is going on and what needs to be corrected!

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